Happy Birthday to the greatest manager, Arsène Wenger!


baby spreading hugs. :’D

bayern münchen v as roma (21/10/14)


Robert Lewandowski reacts on a cartoon, where he gets mocked by his former club Borussia Dortmund after they won the german supercup against his current club Bayern Munich x

❝Anonymous: dude don't reblog the v armenia match!!! come on

football is about wins and losses. the champions league and the second division. trophies and injuries. if i were to ignore the bad and simply reblog every win and every success and every recovery from injury, that wouldn’t be honest to the sport. but this post hits me hardest as a dortmund fan. lately we’ve been going through so much shit and with your logic its as though your idea of football is a happy world-cup-winning paradise. its not like that with marco. to ignore and forget the injury is to ignore and forget all the weight that came with winning the final, and i don’t think thats fair. 

what i’m trying to say is, there’s absolutely no reason to push aside the bad shit that happens to your team and your players. its this bad shit that pushes them from players to legends.

  • World Cup: the leo messi of sports events
  • Super Bowl: the marc bartra of sports events


President of CBF says that after beating Argentina, Brazil NT came back “more respected than ever”



if i hate your team, i hate your team.

dont try and say, “you’re just jealous that we have some of the best players in the league.” i dont care and im not jealous.

i just hate your team.

David Luiz and Marcelo decide who’ll talk to the reporters first.

Days With The Golden Boys : Marco Reus' game against Armenia [06/06/2014] where he got injured and out from the World Cup 2014.


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This just broke my heart…